Recovering missing Ski Tracks Apple Watch Data

Recovering Ski Tracks Apple Watch Data

In version Ski Tracks version 2.6.x it is now possible to request the Ski Tracks Apple Watch App to create a backup folder that is accessible though the standard Files application. 

Note: If you have uninstalled the Ski Tracks Apple Watch App then this procedure will not work.

Preparing for Backup

Before you do anything you must have the Ski Tracks Watch App visible (not recording).

You must then select Settings > Apple Watch

WatchS3-White-SkiTracks-V2-Small.png settings-select-apple-watch.jpeg

Initially nothing will happen but you should get a confirmation that a backup has happened.

Using the Files App to Email Us.

Open the Files app and select Browse Tab



Select On My iPhone


Select Ski Tracks


Press and hold WatchOS_Backup and select Compress


Then hold the file and Share by emailing us

We will then check the data in this zip file and fix and return any missing data.

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