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The reason Ski Tracks may not reporting the run count correctly is that the elevation of your resort is too small to be registered as run. If the run and lifts are less than 280ft/90m this can cause the current algorithm issues with regards to counting runs and lifts.

To fix this issue we are doing a number of new things:

  • An improved lift detection algorithm.
  • Improved GPS detection for smaller mountains.
  • Lift database to find lifts and name them.
  • Track editing to add lifts in.

Any existing tracks will automatically be updated and the run count re-calculated. All of these new features will be made available soon in a future version of Ski Tracks.




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    Kevin Meyerson
    Looking forward to this!
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    Richard Lovatt
    I look forward to this too. Great app - low battery consumption is as promised, and I am surprised at the level of accuracy. But no runs detected at all! I am at Nanshan, in China, max elevation today 161m, min 53m. My ski buddy was using a local (Chinese) app that had no problem detecting the runs, and at the end of each run (while ascending on the chairlift) he gets an audio summary of the previous run stats. Nice feature.
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    Eric Kimminau

    There has been no update to this in a year. My local hill (Pine Knob resort,Clarkston,MI) is 290-309 yet I get a run count of 0 for every session. Couldn't you just lower the threshold to 200 feet? I'd rather have an over count than a total undercount. I'm using the premium version. When will you update?

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    Steven Wilson

    Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

    We will be doing several updates over the next month, we are hopeful that 1.6.1 or 1.7 will contain an update to fix the issue with Run Count.

    We are adding a couple of new features that are specific to smaller mountains:

    1. Improved Lift detection and database.
    2. Improved segment editing.
    3. Use of both barometric vertical and elevation service to dramatically improve vertical accuracy.

    We have an initial IOS 10 update in the next few days - we are just running some final tests.

    We expect the Run count and vertical improvement to be available January 2017.

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    Joachim Abrahmsén

    This is something I really look forward to. I just came home from Val d'Isère with some run counts issues. 

    There is also a lift that first goes up and then down, which is not handled correctly. 

    I'd happy to share this track with the developers for testing purposes. 

    Kind regards


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    Paul Samo

    The issue of not counting runs properly started for me this season (2016/2017).  I've used the app since 2011/2012 with no issues averaging 50 days per season.  I don't think it's the mountain that is the issue.  I've skied the same runs at Killington VT in past seasons and never had the issue before.  I'm running iOS 10.2 on an iPhone 7+. Thanks and looking forward to the next update.

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    Paul Samo

    I'm still having major problems with the run count on an iPhone 7+.  It seems like the app no longer works in places that it used to. If the cell signal becomes poor, the app assumes that it was a lift ride when the signal returns. It's becoming unusable at this point.  Hopefully it's corrected in future updates, and the update will correct data for previous days.

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    Hello Paul, please can you contact me at Our engineer would like to investigate this issue to confirm if this is a run count issue. 

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