One Plus 3T - Pausing or Not Recording

Battery Saving Modes or Optimisation Settings are the most likely cause of Ski Tracks not tracking and pausing.

One Plus are aware of an issue with their OS killing applications in the background and are still working on a solution.

The following workarounds have helped our users:


1. One Plus Task Switcher Lock

This is most IMPORTANT

Lock the application using the task switcher. (The task switcher can be accessed via the task switcher button - bottom right (on a One Plus 3T).




2. One Plus Settings

Please can you check the following settings:

  1. Goto the following in your Phone Settings > Battery > Battery optimisation
  2. Switch to the All apps list (Top menu)
  3. Select Ski Tracks and choose Don’t optimise
  4. Auto Launch must be disabled or turned off.
  5. Restart Ski Tracks or Reboot Phone.

After making these settings Ski Tracks should work correctly.


3. Update Android OS

We strongly recommend that you ensure that you are running the latest version of Android that your phone supports.


4. Further Settings

If the information above does not solve your issues then we suggest trying the following settings changes.

GPS Only Mode

Phone Settings > Security & Location > Location > Mode > Device Only (GPS Only)

Disable Dose Mode

If you still can not get your One Plus working you can try to disable Dose Mode. (if available)

  1. Settings > About Phone > Build Number (tap on it 5 times) until phone does into developer mode.
  2. Settings > Developer Options (will be at the bottom)
  3. Settings > Developer Options > Disable Doze

Note: Does mode is not available on all versions of Android.

We support many android devices, the settings are different for each device. Please try and find a similar setting to above, changing these settings will allow Ski Tracks to track without pausing. 








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    John Hazard

    I need to reinstall skitracks. Play store says I purchased it but gives no option to reinstall. How can i do this?

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