1999/2000 Date Issues

Ski Days with 1999/2000 Dates

If after recording your Ski day you see the workout appears in the 1999/2000 or 1979/1980 Ski Seasons category. It is likely that your device GPS receiver is incorrectly reporting location timestamps.

This issue is caused by GPS Rollover and affects GPS receivers that have not been corrected by the manufacturer or where the latest firmware or device updates have not been applied.

The last GPS Rollover happened April 6 2019 so it is unlikely that most users of Ski Tracks would have seen this last year.

Any effected Ski Days you have can be corrected by us but please send them in SKIZ format to with the subject "GPS Rollover" 

For further reading

Please make sure you update your GPS and Device firmware as soon as possible. Please checkout your device user guide or contact the manufacturer.

If you have any questions please contact us at


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