Transferring Recordings to New Device

Transferring from current device to new device

On your current Android Device

  • Open Ski Tracks > Menu > Log In 
  • Sign Up to create a new Ski Tracks account using a valid email and password (If necessary)
  • Recordings will automatically upload to our free cloud storage.

On your new Android Device

  • Open Ski Tracks > Menu > Log In
  • Open the history view and wait for the download to start.

Transferring fails or some recordings not appearing on new device

If you find some recordings are not on your new device this might indicate the current device login session has timed out.

  • Logout and Login again on both devices and follow the procedure again.


Note 1: Ski Tracks currently batches 100 recordings per upload and download so you may need to open the history view a few times for uploading and downloading.

Note 2: Ski Tracks account is not linked to your Google Play account.

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