Huawei P20 Pausing

Huawei P20

The Huawei P20 and other Huawei mobile phones running Android 8 will pause Ski Tracks at regular intervals if the following settings are not set correctly. The most important of these appear to be Manage Manually options that must be set correctly.

This is not a bug in Ski Tracks but rather power management software forcing Ski Tracks to stop executing in background.

After making any settings you must restart Ski Tracks for these to take effect. (or reboot the phone).

Battery Settings

The battery settings must have all optimisation disabled.

Settings > Battery > Power Saving Mode > Disable

Settings > Battery > Ultra power saving mode > Disable



Battery Launch Settings

Settings > Battery > Launch > Ski Tracks > Manage Manually

This will bring up a Manage Manually Selection:

Auto-launch Disable

Secondary launch Enable

Run in background Enable


Apps & Notification Settings (Android 8)

Settings > Apps & Notifications > Apps > Settings (see below) > Special Access > Ignore battery optimisation > Ski Tracks > Allow


Apps (Android 9)

Settings -> Apps -> Apps -> Menu (top left) -> Special Access -> Battery Optimisation -> Ski Tracks NOT ALLOWED

Our Tests

We carried out our tests on the mountain using a new P20 with the default settings, installed Ski Tracks and started recording.

We had many failed attempts while recording, slowly modifying different settings each time the Ski Tracks paused. Once we got successful recordings we worked back to find the correct settings.



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