Not Recording Data

Other applications and maps will see your location as they use wifi hotspots and mast triangulation. Ski Tracks require GPS locations to track. The GPS is only turned ON when you press Play to start recording.

If Ski Tracks is recording duration only this may indicate that your phone has a poor GPS fix. Make sure you are standing away from buildings, trees and other obstacles that could obstructing the sky.

Press Play to start recording.

The GPS status icon on the top status bar will be flashing when it is obtaining a fix. The Snowflake indicates a track is being recorded. The GPS indicator will show the quality of the GPS fix.

When a fix is obtained GPS status icon on the top bar will stop flashing. The GPS indicator will show the quality of the GPS fix and you will see LAT and LON values.

You can open the GPS section by pressing the GPS indicator or by pressing your Android Device menu button, this will give you the last time a location was fixed.

Do not rely on the Maps in Ski Tracks to check if you have a location. The locations the maps in Ski Tracks receives are filtered so if it is receiving locations of poor quality or erroneous data then your location will not be displayed here until you get some good quality locations through.

Below are some suggestions for solving GPS issues

  • Please make sure the device is NOT in Low Power/Power Saving Mode
  • The device is NOT in Airplane Mode
  • Power the device off and on
  • Turn GPS off/on
  • Be sure Ski Tracks is allowed to use your location. Settings > Apps > Ski Tracks > Permissions > Toggle Location ON (some devices require multiple YES answers)
  • Check that your location settings are set to High accuracy. Settings > Location > Set to High Accuracy
  • Check if you are getting a location in Google Maps. If so then Force Stop Ski Tracks by going to Settings > Applications > Ski Tracks > Force Stop and then reopen it
  • Stand away from buildings, trees and other obstacles that could obstructing the sky.
  • Make sure there are no items in your pockets obstructing the GPS such as credit cards, ski passes with RFID, wallets, other phones, iPods, cameras or other electronic items.


Check if your phone is obtaining a good GPS FIX

Try running the free app GPS Status & Toolbox that presents detailed GPS operating information. The link to download the app is here. You should see it eventually reporting 5 or more satellites acquired, and an overall accuracy range of less than 30 meters if everything is working properly.

You can reset your GPS and download fresh A-GPS data. To perform an "AGPS reset" install the App GPS Status & Toolbox, then in that app, tap on screen to access Menu > Manage A-GPS State > Reset.



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