Incorrect Run Count

Run Count Always 0

The reason Ski Tracks may not reporting the run count correctly is that the elevation of your resort is too small to be registered as run. If the run and lifts are less than 280ft/90m this can cause the current algorithm issues with regards to counting runs and lifts.

Over Reporting Run Count

If Ski Tracks is over reporting Run Count this is likely to indicate interference or errors in the altitude part of the GPS data - we can confirm this by doing analysis on your track - please contact support for more help.

Android Devices

We strongly recommend change the location mode on Android to Device Only (sometimes called GPS Only)

Android 7 (Nougat)

Settings > Location > Mode > Device Only

Android 8 (Oreo)

Settings > Security & Location > Location > Mode > Device Only (GPS)

Ski Tracks Updates

To fix this issue we are doing a number of new things:

  • An improved lift detection algorithm.
  • Improved GPS detection for smaller mountains.
  • Lift database to find lifts and name them.
  • Track editing to add lifts in.

Any existing tracks will automatically be updated and the run count re-calculated. All of these new features will be made available soon in a future version of Ski Tracks.


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    Chad Ness

    Thank you! This has been my one complaint about the app!

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    Richard Campbell

    My GPS seems to jump a lot lately making my tracks all but meaning less. Daughter has us properly at 12 runs today, and mine says 52 and has about 5,000 extra vertical. How do I fix this.

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    Please can you contact me on Ski Tracks by going to Menu > About > Report Issue. I can then send you some information more specific to your device.


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    Richard Campbell

    Lorraine, sent in what ski tracks loaded through my Gmail account. Let me know if you find it.

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    Paul Samo

    I am having the same issue on an iPhone 7+ running ios 10.2 (runs not being counted properly).  I don't think it's the resort as I've been skiing the same runs in several prior seasons and this was never an issue.

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    Kevin Walton

    Lots of issues with this doing Blue 12 on Reiteralm in Austria yesterday...

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    Steven Wilson

    If you are having large over counting of Runs this is likely to be an

    issue with GPS quality - in this case please see the the following articles.

    For iOS GPS issues also checkout Run Count Issue 1.6.2

    For Android GPS issues

    If you are getting none or under counting of Runs this is due to the algorithm that currently only counts runs with a vertical of 290ft or above. We are currently making updates to Ski Tracks to improve this to work with all runs in the future.

    Please do not hesitate to contact support either through the report issue button in Ski Tracks or by email if you have any questions or require any further help.

    Edited by Steven Wilson
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