Battery Life

We have developed Ski Tracks to have the least affect on your battery as possible. Ski Tracks will use battery as it uses GPS location in background to calculate your statistics. Your phone should record your full day on the mountain.

There are some different methods you can try to improve your battery life whilst using Ski Tracks.

  • Turn your device OFF/ON again before going out skiing, this stops any other applications running in the background and using up battery without you realising.
  • Temperature - keep the battery at room to body temperature, place the phone in an inside jacket pocket.
  • Turn off unwanted features such as bluetooth, 3/4G and Wi-Fi.
  • Limit the amount you check your device, the more you check the application and have the screen on then the more your battery drains. 
  • Reduce your screen brightness, this can save a huge amount of battery in every day use.




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