Importing SKIZ Files

Android 10 and Above

1. Using the built in Files app locate the following folder

/Internal storage/SkiTracks/Tracks/Import-SKIZ


If this does not exist then create the folders using the Files app.

2. Copy / Move your SKIZ files to /Internal storage/SkiTracks/Tracks/Import-SKIZ

3. Open the Ski Tracks app. SKIZ files should automatically be imported.


Android Version Up To 9

1. Download Android File Transfer to your computer.

2. Connect your device using your USB cable to the computer.

3. Copy your SKIZ files into Ski Tracks/Tracks/Import-SKIZ. (as indicated)

4. Eject/Disconnect your device from your computer.

5. Open Ski Tracks on your device and it will automatically import all the SKIZ files.

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