Not Recording and Statistics

A few users have an issue where Bike Tracks only records duration.

For each release of Bike Tracks we run internal, external real world test and normally give our beta testers at least a couple of weeks to report any issues. We are still investigating this issue.

The most likely reasons for this are listed below:

  1. Incorrect settings. The most important settings are the Location and Background App Refresh - both of which need to be available to Bike Tracks. We suggest using Location in Always mode - however Bike Tracks will work fine in When Using. In iOS14+ you must also set the Precise Location switch
  2. Contactless Credit Cards. Ensure these are kept well away from your phone at all times as we have seen evidence that these types of cards place near a phone will stop GPS signals.
  3. Bug in our software. 

Things to try.

  1. Reboot the device.
  2. Restart Bike Tracks (by Sliding up and then out).
  3. Check settings (above) Bike Tracks > Settings > IOS Permissions
  4. Re-install Bike Tracks. WARNING Ensure you have backed up all your rides before hand. See Backup and Restoring your Rides

Testing Bike Tracks

  1. Go outside away from any buildings.
  2. Open Bike Tracks and press START.
  3. Press the GPS Indicator button (top left). 
  4. The Horizontal Accuracy should be below 20m and the timestamp should be updating regularly (1-2 seconds). 

If you are still having an issue please contact 

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