On-line Track Storage (Version 1.5+)

Ski Tracks 1.5 has online track storage. Please update to this version to use our online system.
Sign Up to sync your tracks to our new online track storage, the recovery and
transfer of your data will be more seamless.


Open Ski Tracks > Settings > Log In or Sign Up 

To create a new account you can 'Log in with Facebook' OR 'Sign Up' to enter your details.
Enter your email, password and name. 
To sync your tracks select 'Track Sync', this is not automatic.
 Sync your tracks to our online track storage 
You must press sync every time you want to sync your tracks to the on-line track storage.


Please Note: When you Sign Up you are creating a new Ski Tracks account. This is not linked to your Apple ID. You can use your current email and a new password and user name. You can also Log In via Facebook, we suggest using Facebook as you do not have to create a new password.





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