Ski Tracks Not Recording

If Ski Tracks is recording duration only this may indicate a poor GPS signal.

iPhone uses location services that use wifi hotspots and mast triangulation, these can give accurate location but not good enough for tracking. Other applications and maps may see your approximate location. Ski Tracks requires GPS locations to track.

Please make sure you are testing outside.

To check the GPS Location Status on your phone:

1. Press 'Play' to turn on the GPS.

2. Select the GPS indicator on your phone this will bring up your location.

3. The 'Timestamp' (Last Location UTC) should be changing constantly when you are outside and Ski Tracks is recording. The Vertical Accuracy and Horizontal Accuracy should be within 20m (iPhone 6 should get accuracy less then 12m).


Suggestions for fixing GPS issues

  • Toggle Location Services Settings > Privacy > Location Services - turn Location Services off, wait for 15-20 seconds and turn it back ON
  • Toggle Airplane Mode Settings > Airplane mode - Leave it on for 20 seconds, and turn it back OFF
  • Turn off LTE Settings > Cellular or Mobile data > Voice and Data - Turn Off 4G
  • Soft Reset on iPhone 7 hold lock & volume buttons / previous iPhones hold home and lock buttons until the screen goes black and the apple logo appears.
  • Low Power Mode ensure your phone is NOT in Low Power Mode

Reasons why you may have a weak GPS signal

  • iPhone placement - we recommend top inside jacket pocket (making sure the phone can't injure you on a fall)
  • iPhone cases made of metal
  • Any metal object in pocket with phone such as coins, wrapped headphone cables, credit cards (with chip), keys etc.
  • Interference from another phone, walkie talkies or avalanche transceivers (this should be placed as far away as possible)
  • Limited visible sky such as valley floors, near large buildings or inside
  • Other Navigation Applications running can cause problems try shutting them down
  • Try pressing the CLEAR button before recording a track. This will clear any existing data in the recording track and reset all the algorithm buffered data
  • Battery not holding charge, this will cause the battery monitor to stop the tracking

Test to ensure GPS is working on your iPhone

1. GPS STATUS You can download a free third party app called GPS Status. This app works for all iOS devices and will give you a simple display allowing you to quickly assess if there is an issue with your GPS.

PLEASE NOTE: the GPS STATUS app does not work on iOS11 - we will provide an alternative soon.

2. APPLE MAPS If you start the Apple Map application and press the locate me button (top right) and zoom the map into your location as far as it will go. The blue circle represents the GPS accuracy this should cover about 3 times the width of a road if the GPS is working. The location will still point to your current location because the device may use mast triangulation and/or wifi hotspot but this does not mean the GPS is working. Please see screenshot below:



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