Importing Multiple Tracks

If you have received a number of .skiz files to import into Ski Tracks the easiest method is via iTunes File Sharing this allows you to drag all .skiz files directly into iTunes and these files will be imported into Ski Tracks.

Connect Your Phone to iTunes Via Your Computer

  1. This can be done either though the standard iPhone USB cable or wirelessly. In iTunes you should see you device appear in the devices section of iTunes.

  2. Now select the device that is running Ski Tracks.

  3. Now select the “Apps” section. You must now scroll down to the File Sharing section - this is at the bottom of the screen but keep going until you see File Sharing.
  4. Select Ski Tracks in the File Sharing section.

  5. Now drag all the skiz files from the email or folder on your computer to this panel.

Once all of the files appear, open Ski Tracks on this device and all of the these tracks will be imported automatically into Ski Tracks (If Ski Tracks is already running, simply close it and re-open it).


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