Transferring Tracks Between Android Device (Manual Transfer)

There are three options to transfer your Ski Tracks history between devices. If you want to transfer your photos with your tracks you need to use options 1 or 2.

Exporting Your Tracks

Option 1 - Best Option

For Mac computers please download Android File Transfer to your computer.

For PC please follow the instructions here

On Ski Tracks, go to Tools > Track Backup > Backup. This will create SKIZ files of all your tracks in the directory Ski Tracks/Backup on your phone.

We suggest that you move the entire Backup folder from your phone to your computer. This will ensure you have a full backup of all your tracks if you lose your phone or the phone is reset.

Option 2 

Send a debug file to us by going to Settings > Tools > Send Debug File. We will then create SKIZ files from this and send them back to you so you can import them (Your photos will be lost).

Option 3 

Export your tracks individually in SKIZ format. This option has now been replaced by option 1 but you may only want to export specific tracks. You can do this by sharing in an email or by exporting to your external storage via Ski Tracks and then pulling them off of your device and then onto your computer. To share them, select the track you want to share by selecting it in the history list. Then, by pressing the share icon in the bottom right, select either “Share” or “Export to External Storage”. When you share via email your tracks are automatically exported to external storage also.

Importing Your Tracks

Option 1 - Restore From Backup

  1. Connect your device via USB to the computer.
  2. Place your SKIZ files in the directory Ski Tracks/Tracks/Import-SKIZ. You can place multiple files in here at once.

    3. Eject your device from your computer.
    4. Open Ski Tracks on your device and it will then automatically import all of the SKIZ files in that directory.

Option 2 - Import via email

On some devices you can open the files from the email itself in the app on your phone just by tapping it and selecting Ski Tracks. If this does not work, if Ski Tracks does not appear as an option or you simply have too many tracks please use Option 1 (above)

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